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My first Event was the legendary last Hot Heels at Kaunertal/Austria in summer 2003. But not as a Rider, i was only spectator. But it was a fantastic event for me, the peoples gave me many good vibes and so i was fixed on with the Skateboard Downhill feeling. Some buddies teached me to ride a Buttboard, in the wintertime i built  my own and so i started my Riders career.
My first race was at the Worldchampionships 2004, Almabtrieb/Auerberg Germany. In the next summer i had not enough money to start at the Worldchampionships. But i was at the event and helped there.
The first step for my Job as a "FUNKtionär" was done, i was on the finishline and wrote the brakets for the next heats. 
Some weeks later i started at my last official race, the German championships in Hälden. Two weeks after this race i had a bad accident at a training session. I crashed with my Buttboard into a crash barrier. 
I broke my spine and that was the end for racing into the future but it was also the start for my "FUNKtionär" career.....


soon we will have a huge update with all the shit from 2008 2009 Ewok-City does a silent one but check out www.kozakovchallenge.cz all our Power is in this Event 2009 enjoy the new Stickers your Ewok´s

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